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Which US colleges accept 3 year degree?

Following are the US universities that accept 3 years of bachelors:
  • Harvard Business School.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management.
  • Duke University Fuqua School of Business.
  • Dartmouth University Tuck School of Business.
  • Columbia Business School.
  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Which university in usa accept 3 year degree?

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Does Harvard accept 3 year degree?

Ordinarily, only four-year bachelor's degrees are considered acceptable for eligibility to our graduate program.

Can I apply for masters in USA with 3 year degree?

The eligibility criterion for admission to a master's degree in the US is a 12+4 education. This means one must have studied for four years after graduating from high school, to be eligible for a master's program.

Does Stanford accept 3 year degrees?

(Note: A three-year bachelor's degree in any subject is not considered sufficient for graduate study at Stanford. The two-year master's degree following the three-year bachelor's degree from India is required.) Minimum Level of Study Required University diploma requiring four years of study.

Ordinarily, only four-year bachelor's degrees are considered acceptable for eligibility to our graduate program.

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4 mar 2021 · LSU will only consider three-year bachelor's degrees equivalent to U S bachelor degree if the country of the degree awarding institution is 


High School/GED + 18 months work experience 3 years education + 3 5 years work experience 2 years education + 5 5 years work experience 1 year education + 

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Following the practise of the senior British universities such as Oxford Cambridge London and Durham Indian universities instituted a three-year duration 

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Nearly half of the states allow community colleges to award bachelor's degrees as Offering bachelor's degrees is traditionally the domain of four-year 

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10 oct 2016 · A three-year bachelor's degree program in Computer Science 85 receive financial aid U S colleges and universities are

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dual degree programs at U S colleges and universities develop with the remaining programs split between one year (18) and three years (21) Overall


If You Want to Study in the United States: Undergraduate Study 3 Preface you have been accepted to a U S university or college This

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