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Does US universities accept 3 years degree?

Well, the answer to the question is yes. There are definitely some universities that accept such degrees. However, some universities still do not accept the same. In case you doubt whether to apply to the university for a master's degree or not.

Does USA accept 3 year degree?

However, since the last few years, the universities in the United States are welcoming more international students with 3 years of bachelor's degrees for admission to master's degrees. The candidate must make sure the degree they are holding is equivalent to the four year US degree to remain eligible for admission.

Does US accept 3 years bachelor's degree for Masters?

The 3 year degree completed in India or abroad is generally equivalent to a 3 year college education in the US, provided the degree was completed in a college that is recognized by the Government of India or the government in the foreign country.

Is Indian 3 year degree accepted in USA?

You must have graduated from a recognized postsecondary institution holding an honours degree or equivalent. Some programs consider applicants with a three-year undergraduate degree and relevant work experience.

Conclusion. There are many more universities in the United States that accept 3-year degree holders for various programs. If the admissions committee can verify that the applicant has reached an academic level equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree, the length of their degree doesn't matter!

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