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Can you get an MBA with a 3-year degree?

In general, an MBA applicant is required to have a 4-year degree (typically a Bachelor's) from an accredited college. Since some countries, such as India and Australia, offer three year degrees, you may have to enroll in post-graduate program to meet the four-year requirement.

Do US universities accept 3-year degree for MBA?

However, since the last few years, the universities in the United States are welcoming more international students with 3 years of bachelor's degrees for admission to master's degrees. The candidate must make sure the degree they are holding is equivalent to the four year US degree to remain eligible for admission.

Can you do a master with a 3-year degree?

Can I do a Masters after a 3-year degree? Yes and no, both. Some universities require you to have a 16-year education for your Master's, while others may be okay with just a 3-year bachelor's degree.

Can I do MBA in Canada with 3 years degree?

Below we have given some common requirements for studying master's in Canada. With a 3-years bachelor's degree, a candidate needs to have a 2-years master's degree. However, certain universities accept 3-year bachelor's degrees as well.

Is 3 years degree valid in USA?

There are many more universities in the United States that accept 3-year degree holders for various programs. If the admissions committee can verify that the applicant has reached an academic level equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree, the length of their degree doesn't matter!

For MBA admissions, students must have completed their 3-year undergraduate degrees from a recognized board. Some colleges such as IIT Kharagpur require a bachelor's degree of 4 years.

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