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What's the meaning of preferential treatment?

Treatment of one individual or group of individuals in a manner that is likely to lead to greater benefits, access, rights, opportunities or status than those of another individual or group of individuals.

What is another word for preferential treatment?

Synonyms for preferential treatment include unfair treatment, bias, favouritism, favoritism, partiality, partisanship, nepotism, prejudice, preference and one-sidedness. Find more similar words at!

What is preferential treatment for women?

Preferential treatment as regards women and men requires the adoption of specific measures not considered discriminatory and involving explicit benefits (preferences) for one of the sexes. Such measures are intended to address disadvantaged situations and remove barriers to gender equality.

What is a pre-preferential treatment lawsuit?

Preferential treatment lawsuits might deal with issues related to seniors. Preferential treatment is sometimes viewed as reverse discrimination, since it rewards someone for being in the "correct" race, gender, economic status, religious affiliation or other category.

[PDF] Preferential Treatment - UNESCO

Preferential Treatment - UNESCO en unesco org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/preferentialtreatment-version_web_en pdf (2005 Convention Article 16 - Preferential treatment for developing countries) s of m onitoring Mobility of artists and cultural professionals


PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT: A MEANS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE www cpp edu/~jet/Documents/JET/Jet23/Lal 20Das 2049-63a pdf PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT: A MEANS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE Kanti Lal Das * Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to explicate and examine the pros


THE MORALITY OF PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT (THE classic austlii edu au/au/journals/MelbULawRw/1984/17 pdf The professed aim of such preferential treatment is to restore the 10 For a similar definition of 'preferential treatment' see Perry M J

[PDF] Consumer Reaction to Unearned Preferential Treatment

Consumer Reaction to Unearned Preferential Treatment www sauder ubc ca/sites/default/files/2019-07/Jiang 20Hoegg 20and 20Dahl 202013 pdf 7 mai 2013 By definition unearned preferential treatment means receiving something that other consumers who are equally deserving do not re-

[PDF] Preferential Treatment - Dachser

Preferential Treatment - Dachser www dachser com/en/mediaroom/downloads/Corporate/market 20info/Brexit_preferential-agreements pdf 24 déc 2020 This means that the preferential origin of goods must be calculated taking into account the list conditions mentioned in Annex ORIG-2: PRODUCT

[PDF] The lure of “earned preferential treatment”

The lure of “earned preferential treatment” grandrapidsmi ascm org/downloads/PDMs/scmr2103_f5_prererential_treatment pdf EPT is viewed as the reward for being a good customer But what does it mean and how do you achieve it for lasting results and competitive advantage? BY STEVEN

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