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What is meant by the first line of treatment and the second-line of treatment?

Second-line treatment is treatment for a disease or condition after the initial treatment (first-line treatment) has failed, stopped working, or has side effects that aren't tolerated. It's important to understand "lines of treatment" and how they differ from first line treatment and can play a role in clinical trials.
Your first-line treatment may not work, may start but then stop working, or may cause serious side effects. Your doctor may then suggest a second-line treatment, also called second-line therapy. It is a different treatment that is likely to be effective.

What is the difference between first line and second line treatment?

Second-Line Treatment In contrast to first-line treatment, second-line treatment is usually a treatment which is chosen after first-line treatment has failed to achieve the goal (either it doesn't work or all, or it works for a period of time and then stops working), or has side effects requiring you to stop using that treatment.

What is “second-line treatment”?

A break with the primary treatment and an adoption of a new regimen signals “second-line treatment.” The first-line therapy may not have worked, may have had some limited efficacy, or may have produced unacceptable side effects, damaged organs in the body, or jeopardized the patient’s life.

What is a line of therapy?

“Lines of therapy” is the term used to describe the order in which different therapies are given to people as their disease progresses. In practice, doctors may choose a patient’s next line of therapy based on established treatment guidelines, recently published clinical trial results or even the person’s unique life situation.

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