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Affective objective in lesson plan example

[PDF] verb list for writing educational objectives

CHECKLIST QUESTIONS FOR WRITING LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Observable - Does the learning objective identify what students will be able to do after

[PDF] Bloom's Taxonomy: Affective Domain

Examples: Demonstrates belief in the democratic process Is sensitive towards individual and cultural differences (value diversity) Shows the ability to solve 

[PDF] Lesson Plan Guide - Lock Haven University

GUIDELINES FOR DETAILED LESSON PLANNING (revised) be labeled by each learning domain (Psychomotor Cognitive or Affective) Audience

[PDF] Action Verbs by Domain - Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

This list of action verbs can be used in the development of program-level outcomes or course-level learning objectives in the affective domain It is adapted 

[PDF] Bethany Lesson Plan Template

the objective as cognitive affective and/or psychomotor) 1 COGNITIVE: At the completion of this lesson given the text learners will be able to apply

[PDF] What Are Learning Objectives?

A learning objective should describe what students should Example from an English Functional Skills lesson Aims are like strategy objective

[PDF] All About Learning Objectives - RCEPnet

For example if the learning objective stated: “Given a set of data educational objectives into three domains: affective psychomotor and cognitive

[PDF] Learning Objectives: A Practical Overview - ODU-CLT

Incorrect: This course will teach how to An expert in the field of Instructional Design Robert Mager has developed a strategy for developing instructional 

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Affective objectives example

Affective or effective communication

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