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Affective outcome nursing

[PDF] Using Simulation to Engage Learning in the Affective Domain - CORE

20 avr 2018 · (2016) argued that with realistic scenarios simulation can be used to educate and train students and nurses across all three learning domains

[PDF] An evidence-based approach to measuring affective domain

Conclusion Epstein's framework is a reliable tool that can capture the short and long-term modification in affective domain development of nurses after 

[PDF] Bloom's Taxonomy: Affective Domain

Learning outcomes may emphasize compliance in responding willingness to respond or satisfaction in responding (motivation) Examples: Participates in class 

[PDF] Assessing Affective Learning Outcomes in Cultural Competence

25 oct 2017 · Learning objectives center on interests attitudes appreciations values and emotional sets or biases (Kirk n d ) Page 2 10/25/2017 2

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