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Affective response definition

The Psychology of Feeling or Affective Reactions - JSTOR

No the affective response is a direct reaction made to term mental state employed in the assertion referred to as meaning responses

[PDF] Affective responses as guides to category-based inferences

Initial nonconscious affective reactions to a target individual may influence a perceiver's selection from among descriptively plausible categories with

[PDF] Affective Responses to Autobiographical Memories and Their

Means for the three variables Means for the 15 goal desirability ratings and the associated memories' affective response and goal attamment

[PDF] The Affective Response Model - MIS Quarterly

Zhang/The Affective Response Model ARM ID Original Construct Article Operational Definition 4 Flow Ghani et al 1991


of affective response and cognitive structure were similar in product erial-based produce attitude

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