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Affective response marketing

[PDF] Customers' Affective Response to Touch and Its Influence - Scodix

This research suggests that the marketing implications of touch are more substantial than previously believed The authors present research implications for 

[PDF] “Consumer response to affective versus deliberative advertising

David J Moore (2010) Consumer response to affective versus deliberative advertising appeals: the role of anticipatory emotions and individual differences

[PDF] Beyond the gimmick: How affective responses drive brand attitudes

12 jan 2022 · attitudes and intentions in augmented reality marketing Vera Zanger1 familiarity and product knowledge) on affective responses

[PDF] Crowdsourcing Affective Responses for Predicting Media

emotional response However the understanding of the role of emotions in media and advertising effectiveness has been limited due to the difficulty in 

  1. emotional response marketing
  2. and affective response to marketing stimuli
Affective response psychology

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